Tom Izzo Yelling at Aaron Henry Elicits Response From Draymond Green

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During the second half of Michigan State's opening-round NCAA Tournament win over Bradley, Tom Izzo went nuts.

The Spartans' head coach called timeout and went off on freshman forward Aaron Henry.

On Friday morning, Draymond Green took to Twitter to share his feelings about the incident.

If anybody can provide some insight and perspective here, it's certainly the 2017 NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Draymond and Izzo are extremely close and still talk frequently.

Green addressed the issue further at a Warriors event on Friday night.

"If you never had someone in your life who pushes you to reach success the way Izzo does, then of course, you're going to criticize him, of course, you're going to say he's wrong," Green said at the event. "And you're going to say he shouldn't coach that way but you can't find a player that's played for him that'll say 'He can't coach that way, he's wrong for yelling like that' because we know the success that comes with him doing that and the lessons that come with him doing that. The way we go in there as young boys without a clue and leave as better men. It's very easy for people to pick it apart and criticizing him saying its wrong but I don't see many coaches with the resume and success that coach Izzo has."

If you disagree with Izzo's approach and are hoping for an apology... that ain't happening.

"What's wrong with challenging a kid that makes some mistakes?" Izzo said after the game. "Aaron Henry -- trust me -- did some things that you can't do as a starter on a Top-5 team at the end of your freshman year. They were effort related.

"I did get after him. He did respond. He did make a couple of big buckets. He did make some big free throws but that's not good enough. It's one-and-done time. The 'my-bads' are out the window.''

Will there eventually be another layer to this story? That's quite possible.

Michigan State will be back in action on Saturday night when they face Minnesota.

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