Missing 54

Urlacher becomes a fan like the rest of us

Brian Urlacher will be playing a new position Sunday when the Chicago Bears play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The linebacker has been relegated to the sidelines after a season-ending wrist injury during last week's game against the Green Bay Packers.

"If I could play, I would, I'll tell you that much," Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune in his first post-injury interview. "If the doctors thought it was safe enough for me to play, they would let me play. But it's not. So I can't."

Instead, Urlacher will watch Hunter Hillenmeyer take his position at middle linebacker against the defending Super Bowl champions.  No doubt, it's a big hole.

"There is a temptation to try to do too much, but I'm not worried about it," Hillenmeyer told Tribune. "The coaches have been very clear about what they expect from me. It's not to be Brian Urlacher."

Watching someone take his job isn't the only frustration for Urlacher. With five pins in his right hand and a new cast on his arm, he's missing some of the simpler pleasures in life.

"I just wish it would have been my left hand so I can play Ping-Pong and video games," he told the Tribune. "I can't even tie my shoes right now, man."

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