Video Highlights From Ticker-Tape Parade

Miss the big parade? No problem. Here are the best highlights for you.

The ticker-tape parade in San Francisco to celebrate the World Series win brought an estimated one million people to the City for a beautiful day by the bay.  The city estimates were immediately available, but the Giants organization said the count would be a firm million.

Here's a link to some great images from the day.

Below is a series of video clips from the parade and celebration ceremony that spanned nearly four hours.

The highlight has to be when slugger Aubrey Huff dug deep into his blue jeans to find his much-beloved rally thong.

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Among the fans was Journey singer Steve Perry who was thrilled to hear his song "Don't Stop Believing" battle cry.


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger told a very inside joke about closer Brian Wilson and his friend/alter-ego "the Machine."  It brought a giggle from Wilson and a belly laugh from the folks watching at home.


NBC Bay Area's Laura Behnke was along the parade route and hopped on board a cable car to talk to Matt Cain and Freddy Sanchez.

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Laura also tried her luck at getting the hero of the post-season Cody Ross to come over to her side of the cable car for a mid-parade interview.

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Jon Miller said the crowd reminded him of a Pope visit and decided to bless them in the name of Mays, McCovey Krup and Kuit.

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The moment most of the fans had waited hours and hours for was the introduction of the team.

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