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Crazy Coincidence: Warriors' Steph Curry and Cavaliers' LeBron James Born at Same Akron Hospital

Warriors guard Steph Curry and Cavaliers forward LeBron James have more than just basketball in common.

The two NBA giants who were both dubbed MVPS, also were swaddled as infants under the same roof, and who knows maybe even in the same blanket? The two were born at the same hospital, on the very same floor, in the very same decade, just 39 months apart.

James of the Cleveland Cavaliers was born to Anthony McClelland and Gloria Marie James on Dec. 30, 1984 at Summa Akron City Hospital in Akron, Ohio. Since "King James" was the hometown hero, his departure from Ohio in 2010 to play for the Miami Heat was especially devastating for fans, some of whom burned his jersey in the streets of Cleveland. James returned to the Cavaliers this season.

Curry of the Golden State Warriors was born to Dell and Sonya Curry on March 14, 1988 at the same medical center.

Oberservers are chalking up the unusual fact to pure chance and coincidence.

But there is a reason Curry was born there. His dad, Dell, was traded to the Cavaliers - he's facing off Tuesday night in Cleveland during Game 3 of the NBA Finals - before the 1987-88 season. Dell Curry and his pregnant wife, Sonya, were living nearby the hospital at the time.

At a press conference this weekend, Curry told reporters if scouts were smart, they'd be patrolling the hospital's maternity ward looking for young players.

James, also speaking to reporters, added: "I think it's pretty cool. It's the true definition of a small world, for sure."

Dr. Ferris Edward, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Akron's hospital, however, didn't want to play favorites about either of the babies born at his workplace.

"Every baby born here at Summa has unlimited potential," he said, "and all of them can become NBA MVPs."

NBC Bay Area's Kent Wilhoitte and Cheryl Hurd and NBC affiliate WYKC in Cleveland contributed to this report.

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