Warriors' Glenn Robinson, D'Angelo Russell Pick Their Favorite Tattoo

Anybody that has tattoos has a story behind each piece of ink.

For first-year Warriors Glenn Robinson III and D'Angelo Russell, the backstories behind their favorite tattoos are quite different.

Robinson has a portrait of his 18-month old daughter tattooed on his calf.

"That fatherhood, I went through that a lot this summer," Robinson said during a recent episode of "Tat Tales" on NBC Sports Bay Area. "Learning about myself, learning about her, learning how to do things right. And I think it's important for, especially young black men, to be involved in their children's life. So it's something I definitely take pride in."

Russell's favorite ink was inspired by an image he saw in an old SLAM magazine. The photo he saw featured someone's arm covering up the face of another person. On the arm was a tattoo that said "God guide my steps."

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"It just stuck with me all through grade school, through middle school," Russell told NBC Sports Bay Area. "I would always draw that tattoo and I was like 'Whenever my parents let me, that'll be my first tat.'"

You can watch the full episode of "Tat Tales" with Robinson III and Russell at the top of this article.

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