Warriors' NBA Finals Quest Heads to Canada, Where James Naismith Was Born

Some of the best things have come from Canada: Poutine fries, Joey Votto, manners -- just to name a few. But did you know it was also the birthplace of basketball's inventor?

Dr. James Naismith is the baby daddy of this creation and beyond this sensational invention, he lived a pretty phenomenal life.

He was born near Almonte, Ontario, Canada and attended grade school at Bennie's Corners. According to the Naismith Basketball Foundation, this particular place owes much to the game of basketball.

"As a child, Naismith played 'Duck on a Rock' outside the schoolhouse in Bennie's Corners. That childhood game set the foundations for the rules of Basketball that Naismith would later create."

Back in 1891, Naismith became a professor at Springfield College in Springfield, Mass. During one autumn, he took up a seminar in psychology which was created by Dr. Luther Halsey Gulick -- he was also the director of the PE department. His task for Naismith was to create an indoor game that could take place during the winter season.

"Basket Ball" was born.

The game was introduced to Naismith's class in December before the students were to leave for Christmas -- and at first, it received some skepticism, but soon after became a hit. 

Peach baskets were used as goals, and his original 13 rules of the game were published

It was almost named "Naismith Ball," but the creator himself refused to have it named after him. 

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The Finals will host the matchup of the Warriors and the Toronto Raptors, which means this series will begin where it all kind of started -- in Canada. 

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