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AT&T Clarifies Pricing Amidst Attacks, but We're Still Screwed



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    AT&T announced a new pricing structure going into effect on June 7th that eliminates unlimited plans. Instead, you pay for a set amount of data each month, buying more à la carte if you go over. Naturally, this is pretty unwelcome news.

    So, to recap: if you already have an unlimited plan, you can keep it. If you have an unlimited plan and want to buy a new iPhone (which, unless Apple throws a massive curve ball, will be announced shortly), you can keep your unlimited data. What you can't do is keep your unlimited plan if you want to get in on tethering, which costs $20 extra for 2GB. (Note: that 2GB isn't in addition to the $25, 2GB-a-month plan. It's pooled data, sadly.)

    So, logic suggests that if you wanted to have unlimited data on your iPhone or iPad you should buy one now, right? After all, after June 7th the option will be gone.

    It may not be so easy. Engadget pointed out some sketchy behaviour on Apple's part:

    On a related note, we've been tipped that some folks' iPad orders from Apple have been pushed back to June 7 — an interesting coincidence, considering that's when DataPlus and DataPro go live.

    That sure would be awful of Apple, don't you think?

    Via Engadget