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Apple Picks a Fight With Australian Grocer

Computer maker files suit to block Woolworths from going public with new logo



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    Apple is very protective of its logo.

    Appledoesn't just pick fight with tech companies, the iPhone maker is now setting its sight on supermarkets.

    The Cupertino, Calif., company filed a legal challenge in Australia against a new Woolworths logo that Apple says looks too similar to its own logo. The stylized green "w" used by Woolworth's does bare a striking resemblance to Apple's logo, including a stem.

    Apple concerns center around Woolworths attempt to get a "blanket trademark" that would allow the Sydney-based grocery store to use the logo on anything it makes, including electrical goods, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. While Woolworths does not currently make computers, Apple wants to protect itself from the competition just in case.

    The tech giant has a long history of suing companies that use similar logos, including a suit just last year where Apple sued the Victoria School of Business and Technology in Canada for having an Apple in its logo.