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Apple Products Stolen on Muni

Apple products are stolen on Muni and BART.



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    Settle in for that train ride with the old iPhone or iPad -- but watch your back. And hold onto the device.

    There's been an "83 percent" jump in thefts on Muni, according to statistics revealed this week, with 161 reports of devices stolen from passengers on buses and trains during the last three months of 2012.

    "Almost everyone you talk in San Francisco these days" has had a tablet or smartphone swiped from them on Muni, or knows someone else who has, according to Supervisor Scott Wiener.

    Half of Americans own some kind of smart device, according to research published by the San Francisco Chronicle.

    There were 399 cell phone thefts at all Muni stops in 2012, the newspaper reported. And on BART, 333 electronic items were swiped in 2012, up from 206 in 2011, the newspaper reported.

    Stealing Apple products has become particularly easy. So easy, crooks have taken to calling it "Apple picking," the newspaper reported.