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Dropbox Defends Condoleezza Rice Appointment... Sort Of



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    Former secretary of state and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.

    Dropbox won't drop Condoleeza Rice.

    The cloud-based file-sharing service has come under fire since it appointed the former secretary of state to its board of directors. The company has since responded to a "Drop Dropbox" campaign with a blog post.

    The post says, in essence, that the company supports privacy and Condi -- and you can, too.

    The company has "been fighting for transparency and government surveillance reform," CEO Drew Houston wrote in an April 11 blog post, and "none of this is going to change to Dr. Rice's appointment to our Board."

    The organizers of Drop Dropbox note that Rice was an architect of the Iraq War and also pursued warantless wiretaps that served as precursors to the National Security Agency's current en masse collection of Americans' personal and private data.

    At its blog SiliconBeat, the San Jose Mercury News wrote that appointing Rice to the position isn't the same move as Mozilla's when it named to its CEO position a famous programmer who had also donated money to the proponents of a gay marriage ban.