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FML: Facebook Users Are Not a Happy Bunch



    FML is not just for Facebook. RuiPereira on Flickr

    Facebook users are bored and a lot of them think they lead miserable lives, according to a new study by Facebook.

    The Palo Alto, Calif.-based social networking site conducted a study to find out what the top status trends of 2009 were.

    The information was compiled "by looking at how many times each phrase with length from one-to-four words occurred in U.S. Facebook status updates, then we computed the rate at which each phrase occurred in 2009 compared to 2008."

    The result: after Facebook applications "FML" was the biggest status trend of 2009. Not sure what FML means? Ask your Facebook friends or our pals at Urban Dictionary for some help.

    FML was followed closely by updates about swine flu, celebrity deaths and family. And what made Facebook want to type FML as its status? Twitter was also one of the most popular status trends of 2009.

    Photo: RuiPereira on Flickr