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Facebook Wants to be Your Source For News

Take that, Twitter!



    Scott Budman was on the Facebook campus today to hear Mark Zuckerberg's big announcement concerning his company's news feed. (Published Thursday, March 7, 2013)

    Facebook is a lot of things to its 1.06 billion users, but a place to quickly catch up on the news has not been one of them.

    That's been where rival social web companies like Twitter, Yahoo! and Google have been leading. Now, with a News Feed re-design, Facebook is not shy about wanting to be your source for news.

    Larger photos, more text, better ways to organize .. all to improve the experience, and make things more newsy.  Now, as with any Facebook update, this one will cause people to wail, and it's already starting, both on Facebook, and all over my Twitter feed.

    But, as someone who uses the web for news updates constantly, I welcome Facebook to the game. It's been a great source of information of a certain kind, but honestly, not my go-to place to new happening right now.

    That might change, and if it does, it would be a good thing.

    Scott is on Facebook, and on Twitter: @scottbudman