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Fraud Rumored at $85 Million Startup

Canopy Financial the latest in private-equity fraud cases



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    Some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are reportedly taking shortcuts to the Benjamins.

    Canopy Financial announced a $62.5 million take in its latest round of venture capital investment just last October, having raised a total $85 million in equity and debt investment since last year.

    But it sounds like the company might have cooked some books to woo investors.

    Anonymous sources have told local tech blog TechCrunch that the company may have even forged audit reports in the name of accounting firm KPMG, and is being sued by a major investor in the latest funding round.

    Canopy claimed to be tackling the healthcare cost crisis by introducing new healthcare banking products.

    In moves that seem to confirm the allegations, major investors have removed the company from their portfolio listings, and the company has replaced its website with a simple information page.

    If true, Canopy, which has an office in San Francisco, adds to a growing number of suspected and confirmed private equity fraud cases, from the Galleon Group's hedge fund's insider trading case to a suspected Ponzi scheme masquerading as a hedge fund in San Francisco's Financial District.

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