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Glassdoor: 5 Companies with Best Work-Life Balance Sit in Bay Area



    Scott Budman reports on the work life balance here in the Bay Area. (Published Friday, July 19, 2013)

    Of the 25 best companies that balance your job and your life, five are here in the Bay Area, according to a survey released today by Glassdoor.

    On a sunny Friday afternoon, the NetApp campus in Sunnyvale is pretty much an advertisement for why people come to work in the Silicon Valley. 
    There is an outdoor lunch area where NetApp employees get meal service. They will even celebrate with balloons and ice cream today after the volleyball game.
    These are all reasons NetApp is near the top of the list of companies that manage work-life balance the best.
    "It's a relaxed environment," said Grace-Ann Baker, who has been working at NetApp for eight years. "People are focused on getting the job done.”
    She says the perks are nice, but it is more about the people.
    "I do appreciate the flexibility of getting your dry cleaning done at work, but there's more to life than dry cleaning, and you need to pursue those priorities," Baker said.
    The work-life balance is something NetApp and other tech companies on the list, like Agilent and Yahoo, say they take seriously. There is even a Great Place to Work team on the NetApp campus.
    “The perks and benefits are important, and we have them, but it's what we can do to support them, so they can have an impact," said Annamarie Dunn, senior manager of human resources.
    Although it is ultimately about networking storage at NetApp, there are enough little touches to help those who work there bloom.
    The stock prices of NetApp, Agilent and Yahoo are now at their highest levels of the year, which is another reason for employees to be happy.