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Report: Google Barge 1 of 3 Planned Megastores

"Secret" barge may have a mercantile purpose



    Report: Google Barge 1 of 3 Planned Megastores
    One of the floating barges that Google will use to help push its products, according to a document.

    The "mysterious" Google barge is no Area 51 after all: project "Hangar 3," as the company has dubbed its much-discussed floating structures, is all about selling Google Glass.

    An enormous flood of publicity accompanied the large barge's appearance in San Francisco Bay earlier in the fall -- as well as wild rumors guessing to its purpose.

    It's nothing more than a store -- a floating, $35 million store, the construction company behind the barges says in a memo obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

    PHOTOS: Mystery Google Barge on San Francisco Bay

    Three "floating retail" stores will be built in the Bay and then sailed to New York and Los Angeles where they will dock, according to the newspaper.

    One will also be docked in San Francisco, where local Bay authorities were told that the 80 shipping containers flanked by sails would actually contain a "studio" and "temporary technology exhibit space," the newspaper reported.

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