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HTML5 Picks Up Some Steam on Flash



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    The Washington Post application is also HTML5.

    "Yes, it's well written, but will people read the longer stuff online?"

    A daunting question that's been around since browsing. But with stunning, elegant and sexy apps available for pads and mobile devices, though, publishers know people will read their stuff.

    Especially on Apple devices. And the Apple devices don't play well, or at all, with Flash, so HTML5 is the weapon of choice for Steve Jobs and his devotees. That battle forever rages through Silicon Valley.

    As for desktops, sexy hadn't really migrated yet.

    On Tuesday, though, the Center for Public Integrity, in D.C., debuted its first HTML5 project. Making longer-form articles sexy on the desktop, sans the swiping, of course.

    Content is displayed horizontally, is scaled to the browser window and easily navigable with handles along the left side. It's pretty tight, according to Mashable.

    And since it's HTML5, it can be seen just as sexily on any mobile device, too.

    OK Flash, it's your turn now.