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In the Future, Billboards Looks at You



    In the Future, Billboards Looks at You

    This electronic billboard just made its debut Friday morning in New York City's Times Square, and already it has people stopping in their tracks and watching it with amazement. Using an HD camera and unique spy technology, in real time it can digitally separate pictures of individuals standing in front of the billboard, and make it look like the giant model is plucking their images from the crowd.

    As you can see in the video below, a model appears to take a Polaroid picture of the people standing on the street behind her, and once it's developed, reveals the zoomed-in picture to the delight of onlookers. It gets to be even more fun when that giant model picks up an individual and then tosses him or her aside, as if that person didn't quite make the grade.

    The designers who created this concept for fashion clothier Forever 21 say this is just the beginning, with higher-definition cameras on the way. Then, the model can hold a magnifying glass, letting the crowd clearly see real-time shots of individuals, zoomed in even closer for all the world to see. Is this is a little creepy?

    Times Square Billboard by Space150 from Cliff Kuang on Vimeo.