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Military iPad App Makes War More Like a Video Game



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    The military is using the iPad to make war look like a video game.

    Video games already make a game out of war, but can technology work both ways, making war more like a video game.

    Yes, it turns out. It sure can. Just take a look at this new military iPad app, which manages to make keeping track of troops a whole lot like keeping track of Zergs in Starcraft II.

    The app, by Textron Systems, shows a top-down map of friendly and hostile locations, including where soldiers are at any given time. A commander can then have an overall view of what's going on in the field in a distinctly video game sort of way.

    Unfortunately, there's no option for building missile launchers or selecting all units in a big rectangle to give them all the same order at once, but hey, there's still time yet.

    Via Danger Room

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