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Netflix Soothes East Coast as Sandy Hits

Let's stay in....



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    Calm in a storm.

    When we're nervous, we reach for comfort food.  When giant storms hit, we reach for the remote, to stream movies.

    Netflix, in a thoughtful way, let it be known that its usage has boomed on the East Coast in the wake of Sandy's massive damage.  As so much of the coast has been shut down, it makes sense for people to stay in, and they've been watching lots and lots of movies and TV shows.

    From the calm climate in Los Gatos, where Netflix is based, company spokesperson Joris Evers says everyone is hoping for the best, and the company is happy to "provide people entertainment while they're hunkered down for the storm." Evers says the first blip was a rise in children's programming being streamed - then, pretty much everything.

    With businesses, transportation, stock exchanges, and schools shut down because of Sandy, it makes sense that Netflix becomes a fallback for families looking for diversions.  Who knows, maybe in nine months we'll see the latest post-blackout baby boom? The guess here is that nobody will want to name their kids Sandy.

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