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New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Wins Hearts, Makes News -- At Lunch

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gets her own lunch. OMG!



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    New Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer has begun to buoy sagging egos and morale at her new firm -- and all she did was order lunch.

    Sight of the new Yahoo CEO in the company cafeteria -- fetching her own lunch, like any hourly-waged peon -- has made big news in Silicon Valley, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    In fact, Mayer, 37, has sent her co-workers into "paroxysms of bliss," the newspaper reported.

    Look out.

    Yahoo, once one of the giants of Silicon Valley, has tumbled into perceived irrelevance in recent years. But the arrival of Mayer, revered as "Google's twentieth employee," has engendered a renaissance.

    In Silicon Valley, the energy and perspective of a start-up are welcomed. And Mayer has that, while her Yahoo predecessors were more boardroom.

    “I think we have a ballgame now! It’s amazing how fast the sentiment changed internally,” one employee said, according to the newspaper. “Everyone [is] ELATED. People I know that were close to leaving (including myself) are now giving it another shot.”