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Private Shares of Tech's Hottest Companies for the Rest of Us



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    Some of tech's hottest private companies have long been trading their stocks.

    But until now, you had to already be wealthy to purchase shares of Facebook, Twitter or Zynga.

    Now a Bay Area based company will allow some of the rest of us to get in on the potential action of some of the Silicon Valley's virtual billions.

    NeXt BDC Capital Corp fund, run by a group of Silicon Valley veterans, is trying to raise $50 million in an IPO to connect smaller investors with some of tech's hottest companies.

    If the SEC approves the IPO, investors will be allowed to invest in a closed-end mutual fund, which is when small investors pool their money together to buy larger stocks or bonds.

    The group will then use the money to purchase private stock in companies such as Facebook on the secondary market.

    Individual investors return will be based on the success of the private companies that NeXt BDC Capital Corp fund invests in, which may be as close as the rest of us get to owning a piece of Mark Zuckerberg's billions.