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Report: "Handshake" Deal Allows Tech Buses to Use Muni Stops

Documents reveal casual agreement between city and tech bus operator Bauer.



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    Google lobbied behind the scenes on for leniency on its buses, documents prove.

    City transit officials have allowed tech buses to use Muni stops as part of  a "handshake" deal that's a few years old, according to

    The news Web site reported that Bauer, a tech shuttle operator, has has a "'handshake agreement' with SFMTA for years" that's allowed tech workers to board buses at Muni stops.

    Tech buses, the hated symbols of tech-fueled gentrification, were recently allowed to use Muni stops for $1 per stop, a controversial agreement decried as a cop-out by activists, who have filed an appeal against the deal.

    Meanwhile, documents unearthed by reveal that Google has lobbied the city hard over buses: trying to get the city not to write tickets, and asking the city to be exempt from citations while the negotiations over the bus-stop deal were ongoing.

    And in return, city officials asked ticket-writers not to write tickets as well, the Web site reported.