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Rumors Continue to Swirl for Apple's Wonder Tablet



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    The iPad 2 rumors just won't stop.

    Not only will the second generation iPad come in a smaller size but if you believe rumors it will also have larger speakers.

    Never mind the fact that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has repeatedly said he has no interest in releasing a smaller iPad, the rumors are still swirling, including a race car driver who went viral with pictures of what he claims are the new, real deal, smaller thing.

    Now reports are the next generation iPad will come with larger speakers. What is the source of the rumors?

    A tech site is selling a cover for the iPad 2 that like many others that are selling already have a spot for a rear-facing camera but this one also has a spot in the bottom left rear side that suggests the new iPad will have a larger, more improved speaker.

    Further negating the reports that there will be a smaller version iPad coming next year are rumors that the new iPad will measure 239 mm by 186 mm, slightly smaller than the current iPad, which is 242.8 mm by 189.7 mm.