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Shiba Inu Puppy Cam Returns

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    Shiba Inu Puppy Cam Returns
    Meet "The C-Team," the latest canine web stars on Ustream.

    One of the Internet's most popular webcams is back live with a new litter of puppies based right here in the Bay Area.

    The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, which has garnered more than 26.5 million views, began in late 2008.

    The puppies are in San Francisco, but that doesn't matter to the millions who log in to watch them.

    The entire web watched the first litter, overcome with cuteness. Eventually though, the A-Team (Autumn, Ayumi, Amaya, Aki, Akoni and Ando) grew up and were adopted.

    Then in 2010, the B-Team arrived. Same story. Bella, Beni-Bara, Bonsai, Bento and Byakko grew up and were adopted, leaving us Shiba-less once again.

    We may have found some diversions in the meantime, but we longed for our first love, the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam.

    The longing is over.

    "The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam is back with a whole new cast of cuddly furry cuteness. Please join us in welcoming the C Team!! Everyone together now, 'Awwwwwwww....'" wrote Ustream on its Facebook page.

    This litter was born April 14.

    The C Team names all begin with the letter "c". In birth order they are: Chozen, aka "Zen" (boy); Chame (boy); Chisaki, aka "Saki" (girl); Charlotte (girl); Chiyoko, aka "Yo-Yo" (girl); and Chikara (boy).

    Users can watch the live feed here.  And you better watch now, the San Francisco couple says this is the last litter for Shiba Inu mom Kika.

    Live TV : Ustream