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Tablet Costs Less Than Half of the iPad, Plays 1080p



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    Not all tablets cost an arm and a leg.

    We had to do a double take when we saw the $180 price on this 7-inch X10 touchscreen Tablet PC. Amid a sea of me-too slate PCs, this one makes lofty claims, including the most eyebrow-raising of all: the ability to play 1080p video over its HDMI port.

    If this cheap 800x480 Wi-Fi and GPS-packing tablet can do what its maker says, it could be a game changer. Instead of spending $1000 on that bulky home theater PC we showed you yesterday, or $500 on the cheapest iPad, you could just plug this baby into your HDTV and watch a huge variety of Blu-ray-quality video formats, including H.264 and Matroska files. Good luck doing that on an iPad.

    Even if this obscure-branded player has some unforeseen gotcha involved (uh-oh, is that a stylus we see there?), the technology on board bodes well for the future. From now on, all other tablets will have to measure up to this one's spec list, or we'll be unimpressed.

    PandaWill, via Ubergizmo