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What Apple Should do About the iPhone 4 Reception Problem



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    Apple is still trying to weasel out of that reception problem with the iPhone 4. Now the company's stooped to a new low, deleting any information in its user forums about the Consumer Reports article released Monday, where engineers confirmed a reception problem. Should Apple continue this tactic of distorting reality?

    When you make a mistake, fess up fast, take responsibility, and do everything in your power to make it right. Sounds simple, but that's the opposite of what Apple is doing with the proven reception problems on the iPhone 4.

    Transparency is the key. Rather than covering up information, Apple needs to quickly admit the problem. Tell the truth about the testing that led up to the iPhone 4's release, and ultimately offer everyone some kind of fix for the problem. It's as simple as that. Apple must make good on this error.

    Now that we know there's a problem with the iPhone 4, Apple is obligated to fix it. That solution could be as simple as offering a free "bumper" to place around an iPhone. It could go so far as a complete recall of all iPhone 4s, replacing the stainless steel band antenna that short circuits when someone holds the phone in a certain way.

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    But wait, a recall would cost a lot of money, wouldn't it? That's right, Apple. You're going to have to take your billions of dollars of profits and make good on the mistake you made. Just like anyone else, hiding information about your mistake is only going to make it worse.

    Like any decent person in our society is required to do, own up to your mistake, Apple.

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