A Dozen Words Not to Say in the Office

The following list probably won't make you laugh like the dirty words George Carlin said you couldn't say on television.

But you could find it useful during your next job interview or the next time you are trying to appear hip while chatting with co-workers at the water cooler.

BusinessWeek put together the collection of outdated tech terms. These are phrases you should take out of your vocabulary:

1. Web surfing -- "browsing" is the term these days
2. Personal digital assistant (PDA) -- now a smartphone
3. Weblog -- shortened to blog, as in "blogger" or "blogosphere"
4. Internet telephony -- just say VOIP
5. Intranet -- an office-only website or network; now we just use virtual private networks, or VPNs
6. Extranet -- the opposite of an intranet, but similarly outmoded
7. Push technology -- replaced by RSS feeds (which will soon be replaced by Twitter anyway)
8. Application service provider (ASP) -- replaced by "cloud computing"
9. Thin client -- Term popularized by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison that didn't make it
10. RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Company) -- In the age of a reborn AT&T, telecom mergers have made this one obsolete
11. Long-distance call -- unlimited calling plans wiped this one out
12. World Wide Web -- just don't use it

And just for fun, we've attached the Carlin bit.  It's still funny after all these years.

But be warned -- there's dirty language in this clip.

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