Apple Clones Gone Wild

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We all know that iPhone clones are two a penny, but the makers of this cellphone from, surprise, surprise, China, have delved even further into Apple's back catalogue and come up somewhere around 3,000 B.C. second-generation iPod.

And, being rip-off merchants, they've thought to call it the Hi-Pod phone.

As well as being able to dial out, (I give it three calls before the clickwheel falls off) there's an MP3 player*, a one-inch LCD display, FM radio support, USB connectiv... *voice trails off*

Aw, why do I bother telling you? Anyone buys this $85 iPod killer ankle-biter, see me after school — for startz, it won't work in the U.S. or Canadaland.

*Noooooo, you don't say.

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