Apple Introduces the Smart Shoe

Soon, your iPhone will be able to tell you when it's time to get a new pair of shoes. Apple has patented a device implanted in a shoe that will tell wearers when it is beginning to break down.

The new "Smart Shoe," is somewhat inspired by the 2006 Nike+iPod pairing, but Apple has since added a heart monitor to the system, Patently Apple reported. "When a critical wear level is reached, even if the shoe looks like it is not particularly worn, the shoe may not provide adequate support and may in fact, cause damage to feet," the patent reads. "Apple's patent provides a solution to monitor the wear and tear of a particular type of sporting footwear."

Although the patent may sound bizarre, Apple has integrated a processor, sensor, battery and software into the system -- most of which is embedded in the heel of the shoe. Once critical wear has been achieved, a message may be sent to your iPhone or iPod.

While some may find this a bit silly, for the gadget-oriented, it may prove irresistible. Only one questions remains -- who's going to design the shoes? Apple already has a relationship with Nike, but it might be looking for other manufacturers as well.

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