Hulu Plus Could Halve Its Price to $5, but Would You Bite?

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As it stands, when you throw down $10 for Hulu Plus, you get access to an expanded catalog as well as the ability to stream the service to devices other than your computer.

Well, that offer must not be as enticing as the service hoped, because sources close to Hulu are saying that a price cut could be in the works. But is $5 still too much?

Originally, Hulu (which shares a parent with DVICE in NBC Universal) wanted the subscription service to create a second stream of revenue alongside the ad space it sells, and entice content providers to the service who may not want to put shows up for free on the web. Hulu Plus, currently in beta as the service tests the water, must not have the kind of adoption rate the folks behind it want as AllThingsD's Peter Kafka is saying that the price of entry could be slashed in half.

So, $5 would get you access to more episodes and the ability to stream the service to supported gaming consoles and mobile devices, but you'd still have to sit through ads and the like.

While $5 makes more sense when you consider that Netflix has a similar service in place for $9, Netflix doesn't force you to watch advertisements, and it's pretty much on every platform imaginable. That, and for a fee as small as $5, why bother charging at all?

Hulu is in a weird place right now, with a popular free service relying on ads and its subscription Plus not getting the numbers it needs. If you didn't go for Plus at $10, would you consider buying in at $5?

As someone who watches Hulu often on my laptop, I've never felt the need myself.

AllThingsD, via Electronista

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