LaCie Concept Turns a Hard Drive Into a Touchpad, Because Why Not

Apparently external hard drives just aren't useful enough on their own, so this LaCieconcept adds a gigantic multi-touch trackpad to the top. Poking your drives over and over while they're accessing your data is now a good idea.

In addition to a huge and potentially quite useful touchpad, the LaCie Float concept (as it's called) also features a carbon fiber top and a glass base bedazzled with LEDs to make the drive look like it's floating. It's made with entirely recyclable materials, for whatever that's worth, and if you could buy one, it would come with a solid state drive and USB 3.0 if you wanted it to.

Hey, you know what would be cool? If you made that multi-touch surface into a screen, so that you could actually browse the stuff that's on the drive. And maybe you could give it a little processor or something, so that you could run programs. And WiFi to download files from the Internet. Yeah, that would be pretty sweet, if only someone would come up with a real product like that.

Via Yanko Design

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