Scalpers Smash Apple Store Window in China

Shattered shop windows, assaults with a "metal club" and several highly upset -- and bloodied -- Chinese scalpers is not the typical rush to get a white iPhone -- or at least Apple hopes so.

Demand in China for all things Apple, and most recently the white iPhone, has led to crowds of scalpers lining up at Apple stores, gobbling up the pretty little handhelds to re-sell at a significant mark-up.

On Sunday, Apple employees and security told the scalpers to get in line with everyone else, according to Made In China ( The scalpers were allegedly then not allowed to go into the store. "So scalpers got pissed, and they got in a fight," MIC writes.

At this time, an Apple Store employee (non-Chinese), John, came out from the store with a metal club and hit 4 people, including 2 young men and 2 middle age women. Then, John went back to the store.

Then, apparently, scalpers smashed the store's window, forcing the store to close.

The Apple store was open to the public a day later.

Apple stores are visited more frequently than baseball games in the United States, and garner roughly $9 billion in revenue. Major League Baseball's revenue is roughly $7 billion (according to Fortune magazine).

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