There's Good and Bad News About This Dual-Screen Toshiba Tablet

Would we be better off if laptops had touchscreens instead of keyboards? Toshiba is testing the waters using that very idea, and the Libretto W100 is now available for purchase. There's something very appealing here, but there's also a catch.

On the one hand, this thing is double the iPad, with two screens instead of one. It's also hard not to make comparisons to the Apple tablet, as the Libretto has similar innards with a 1.2 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 62 GB SSD and runs Windows 7. We lovedthe idea of the Courier

, and now here's the Libretto trying to fill that same role.

There's just one thing keeping us from jumping in with both feet, though. It's the price. At $1,100, it's double the iPad as well, but in a bad way. At $500, the iPad was cheap enough that folks could buy it as something to play around with. For $1,100, all of a sudden it's a commitment, one that could mean replacing the laptop you've currently got with something untested.

If you're game, you can order a Libretto today, though, according to Gizmodo, "The W100 is a limited release for now, and you're looking at a two to three week wait from order to delivery."

Toshiba, via Gizmodo

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