Your Next BlackBerry Might Dole Out Love Advice


Not to rip on RIM, but maybe it's time the corporate suits in charge think completely outside of the box for its next BlackBerry. One such idea is the BlackBerry Empathy, a crystalline shaped smartphone that focuses on human emotions and social networks and less on email.

The most significant feature of the BlackBerry Empathy is its "Emotional Health Chart" — a scanner that detects how the user reacts to the phone in different circumstances. For example, the Empathy would probably be able to remember that your ex said some nasty things during your last call and advise you not to break down and call him/her back. Or maybe it'll be able to tell you that you've refreshed someone's Facebook profile page 200 times in the last hour — and that maybe you might like that person?

According to its designers, the phone has a touchscreen on its front and physical keyboard on its back. Good, RIM knows its customers can't live without their QWERTY keypads. The Empathy's OLED screen is also transparent. Why does every futuristic product need to be transparent?

Coming off of its underwhelming BlackBerry Torch, RIM looks like it could really use a line-up refresh. It's not that BlackBerry's suck — it's amazing for email and BlackBerry Messenger — it's just that after the original Bold, all of the designs across the board started looking rather bland. A design like the Empathy could make RIM a cool cat again, maybe.

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