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Mother Busted for Driving with Baby Zipped in Purse

Cop allegedly hears baby's cry but doesn't see a carseat



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    A woman allegedly transported her newborn baby in a purse.

    A St. Croix woman could face criminal charges after U.S. Virgin Island police say she was caught driving with her newborn baby girl zipped up in her purse.

    During a routine traffic stop Tuesday, a police officer allegedly heard a baby’s cry while asking the driver of a pickup truck to show her license, The Associated Press reported.

    The officer said there was no baby seat in the car. After the woman unzipped her purse to reveal a baby girl, she explained that her daughter was born at home one-week earlier, police said.

    The unnamed woman said she never had prenatal care and was en route to see a doctor, the AP reported. The baby was transported to a hospital.