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Brother Runs Against Brother for Mayor of Ohio Town

Older brother wants job his sibling held for last 20 years



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    Brother against brother in Elmore, Ohio.

    It's a good bet the next mayor of Elmore, Ohio, will be named Krumnow - since a pair of brothers by that name are running for the office.

    Mayor Lowell Krumnow, who has held office for nearly 20 years, is being challenged for his seat by his older brother, Councilman Jim Krumnow, in the Nov. 8 election.

    "We get along," Jim Krumnow told the Port Clinton News-Herald. "But we don't talk politics."

    Lowell Krumnow agreed that their issues are not personal.

    "Basically, he has a different viewpoint on how the town should run and where the tax dollars should come from," the mayor said. "Move forward, keep taxes down and attract businesses."

    But the website Politico prodded the men enough to get a little bit of a rise out of Lowell Krumnow.

    “He has probably missed more meetings in the two years he’s been a councilmember than I have missed in 20 years,” the mayor told POLITICO. “And I understand you’ve got to pay the bills, but if you run for political office and you know you can’t make some of the meetings, then why are you stepping up to the bat?”

    Lowell Krumnow, 54, said the siblings have grown apart over the years. With Jim Krumnow out to take his job in the town of 1,500, that situation won't get better soon.

    "If he's doing good and people like him, he'll stay," the confident challenger told the News-Herald.