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Petco Sued After Groomers Allegedly Cut Pieces of Dogs' Ears and Tails Off

Plaintiffs claim emotional duress after animals improperly groomed.



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    Two families claim Petco injured their dogs during routine grooming procedures.

    Two women in Oahu, Hawaii claim that a local Petco store gave their pooches permanent, painful makeovers.

    One lawsuit alleges that the Petco store in Keneohe cut off a piece of a Pomeranian-Maltese mix's ear during grooming last July. It wasn't until a few days later that the appendage was noticed missing. The dog's owner, Gladys Kapuwai, says the pet store chain never informed her of the accident and even tried to glue or sew the ear back on and failed.

    "I couldn't believe what they did," Kapuwai told Hawaii News Now. "I started crying because this is our baby, too, you know."

    In the other case, Hawaiian defense attorney Michael Green claims his dog's nails were cut too short, to the point of bleeding, while the top of the animal's tail was severed. His wife is listed as a plaintiff for the case, according to Hawaii News Now.

    Both say the store caused their families and animals serious emotional duress.

    "They offered another free grooming," Green told the TV station. "I guess they wanted to take off other body parts."

    The store's manager refused to comment to NBC when called. The parent company did not respond to a message for comment.