Get Ready for Gaga’s San Jose Gig

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Lady Gaga performs in San Jose at the HP Pavilion Monday and Tuesday night.  To get you ready for the big shows, we thought we'd bring back one of YouTube's most clicked videos of the year. As of Monday morning, 29,740,149 have watched the clip of 6th grader Greyson Chance singing Gaga's Paparazzi.

Greyson set the Web on fire in May when he posted his rendition of the song which he performed from his middle school's festival. Part of the draw of the clip is the reaction of the tween girl's in the audience.

When his video went viral, Greyson landed an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where the Oklahoma native was surprised by a phone call from Gaga herself. Since then he got a front row seat at a Gaga concert and a back stage pass to meet the star.   He won't be attendance at HP tonight, but we're sure Gaga will do her own rendition of Paparazzi.

Campbell's pyshco donuts is also taking advantage of Gaga's gigs.  They started selling three Gaga-inspired donuts last Friday.

  • "He Ate my Heart" is based on the love-torn song "Monster." It’s a vanilla-iced heart stuffed with raspberry jelly that Syrett warns isn’t afraid to show you it's teeth.
  • "Blueberry Kisses" is a vegan-white cake donut topped with blueberry icing and fresh blueberries based on an unreleased song of the same name.
  • The Cherry Cherry Boom Boom is a powdered sugar-coated and icing-laced donut with a cherry champagne custard that will leave you starstruck.
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