Man Tried to Pay for Denny's Meal in Pot: Cops

Customer tried to settle his $9.91 bill with $1 and a bag of pot, police said

America’s Diner is always open, but the only green it accepts is cash – not weed.

Niagara Falls police were reportedly on the hunt for a man who tried to settle his $9.91 Denny’s bill with a bag of marijuana.

Police said the attempted illicit swap went down shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday when a customer offered a Denny’s restaurant cashier a bag of pot and $1, reported.

After the cashier refused the deal, the weed-toting customer then tried to sell his stash to other customers, police said.

The man eventually fled the restaurant into a wooded area before police arrived, BuffaloNews reported.

But a Denny’s employee reportedly recognized the customer and gave his name to police.

He was not at home when officers showed up at his house.

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