Ocean Beach Cleanup March 21, 2009 - NBC Bay Area

Ocean Beach Cleanup March 21, 2009



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?

    Thanks to all of you who turned out Saturday March 21st for our Ocean Beach Cleanup project. 

    Despite the weather, we had an energetic crew of volunteers and accomplished an impressive amount of work to restore the parks. We removed 50 garbage bags of invasive weeds, clearing approximately 1800 square feet, from the Point Lobos Dunes and Sutro Baths Stairs.  We also collected 16 bags of trash, much of which was "micro-trash," from Ocean Beach.  Collectively, you contributed about one month worth of restoration work in the parks.

    Again, thank you for pitching in.  It’s amazing what a few of us can do in just a few hours to make the Bay Area an even better place to live.