Declaring an Ecstasy Epidemic

Modernizing Our Approach To Teen Drug Use

Santa Clara County has taken a bold step, declaring an “ecstasy epidemic," and producing a documentary showing young people denouncing the drug.

Ecstasy isn’t new.  What’s new is that abuse is up among younger users, as young as 12.

It’s cheap and though kids say it’s harmless, it’s often cut with narcotics and meth, and is linked to depression, brain damage and death.

That’s why NBC Bay Area commends Santa Clara County for taking the initiative - in spite of tight budgets - and reaching 100,000 public school students through a film of their peers attacking the myths about this “feel good” drug.

It’s a smart approach, and one we think other Bay Area counties should try, to address the drug problems in their schools.

Watch the Santa Clara documentary here.

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