Too Quick to Veto?

Hands-Free Needs Your Support!

California lawmakers passed 600 bills in recent weeks, and Jerry Brown vows to veto most of them, explaining simply, “not every human problem deserves a law.”

NBC Bay Area couldn’t agree more.
But, we’re sorry the governor vetoed a bill that would have toughened the hands-free, no-texting laws for drivers.

As we see on the roads, compliance with our current law is low — the bill’s author, State Senator Joe Simitian, hoped to raise deterrence by raising the base fine from $20 to $50, the same fine as rolling through a stop sign.
Governor Brown said “no.”
So we ask him - if you won’t raise fines, Governor, how will you get drivers to put away their cell phones?
Hundreds of lives are at stake.
What’s your solution? We want to know. Call us! Hands free.

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