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12/8: Harley-Davidson Bikes Are Works of Art

Plus, French punk rock and gender-bended Shakespeare



    12/8: Harley-Davidson Bikes Are Works of Art
    A crop of the iconic motorcycles will be on display at Project One gallery

    BOHEMIANS AND HARLEY'S: For all you bikers out there, tonight Bohemian Socials is catering to your every desire. Indulge in a show of beautiful motorcycles and stunning guitar music at Harley Davidson and Art Affair. The show takes place at Project One Gallery and starts at 7pm. [7x7]

    ROCK IN FRANCAIS: The brits may be getting all the credit in the punk rock scene right now, but Aversions is out to claim some fame for the French. Tonight at the Knockout, they're bringing their accented wails to your eager ears for free! [SF Weekly]

    SHAKESPEARE SCRIPT FLIP: In the talented David Greenspan's latest play, She Stoops to Comedy, an actress (played by a man) attempts to win back her lost female lover by playing the Orlando to her Rosalind. Tonight at 7pm the SF Playhouse, the performance will certainly be As You Like It.

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