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Magazine Nicknames iPad Edition "Iran Edition"

Apple's "no nipples" policy angering publishers, and not just the edgy ones



    Magazine Nicknames iPad Edition "Iran Edition"
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    Thanks to Steve Jobs's quixotic crusade against female nudity, you won't be able to reach and and touch a woman's nipple in any iPad apps.

    The edition of trendy fashion magazine Dazed & Confused that's being put together for the Apple iPad is being called the "Iran edition" by staffers reports Shiny Shiny.  It's all thanks to Apple's strict policy against female nudity.

    Stern, a German weekly, has seen its iPhone application pulled already thanks to its habit of running topless photo spreads, while Bild started putting bikinis on its models to comply with Apple's prudery.

    Of course, Sports Illustrated can publish its swimsuit edition for iPhones and iPads, not to mention plenty of topless photos of sweaty mean in skimpy outfits straining towards a climax in sporting glory.

    Hence the comparison to the repressive theocratic government of Iran, where similar censorship is strictly enforced, essentially comparing Apple CEO Steve Jobs to the Ayatollah.

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    Of course, it's not like it's difficult to find porn specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad through the included web browsers, just not through the App Store.

    Jackson West wonders if investors appreciate that Apple is leaving their 70 percent cut of potential porn app sales on the table.