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Newsom Loves Rock and Roll

San Francisco mayor praises three day music festival



    Newsom Loves Rock and Roll
    Jeff Minton for The New York Times
    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom strikes a pose for the cameras of The New York Times. Image reprinted with permission.

    Mayor Gavin Newsom didn't go as far as donning a flannel shirt in his praise of the Outside Lands Music Festival but the governor wannabe said he loved the three-days of music in Golden Gate Park.

    Why? Because the mayor said the event was “nearly incident-free,” according to the San Francisco Examiner and the City made about $1 million in the deal.

    The concert, which featured grunge rockers Pearl Jam and Tenacious D, was a boon for San Francisco hotels, restaurants and businesses. Neighborhood complaints about traffic, noise and trash that plagued last year's concert were down, according to Newsom.

    “In two short years, Outside Lands has quickly become both a part of the cultural fiber of San Francisco and a tremendous boon to our local businesses,” he said in a statement to the Examiner.

    The mayor also said the park should be cleaned up and open to the public again by the end of the day Wednesday.