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R. Crumb's Bible Coming to SJ

Bizarre artist's bizarre art to show at San Jose Museum of Art.



    R. Crumb's Bible Coming to SJ
    R. Crumb's "Genesis" coming to San Jose's Museum of Art.

    The San Jose Museum of Art announced today, the second coming of R. Crumb. Well, his interpretation of the Bible's Genensis, anyhow.

    Robert Crumb, known for his sometimes disturbing cartoons, spent five years on his depiction of the first book of the Holy Bible, in comic form. The comics were published as "The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb"  in 2009 - a 244-page book, by W.W. Norton, says the Sacramento Bee.

    The museum will be showing Crumb's original drawings.

    "R. Crumb's influence has spread far beyond the world of comics and graphic novels," museum director Susan Krane, told The Bee. "Many of his images are now icons of our visual culture. In his adaptation of Genesis, he has recast familiar narratives from this fundamental text of Western civilization in his instantly recognizable style and brought these stories alive for a contemporary audience."

    Some of R. Crumb's famous works include Keep on Truckin',Fritz the Cat, and album art for Big Brother and the Holding Company's "Cheep Thrills" record.

    The show runs June 23 - Sept. 25, 2011.