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Get Fit With Custom Fit Pants



    Get Fit With Custom Fit Pants
    Custom fit pants don't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

    The custom dress shirt makers have have expanded their range big time, and will now come take your measurements for a fine-but-affordable pair of trousers.

    Choose between fit classic, tailored, or Euro style -- made from your choice of luxuriously thin Italian wool (in a range of grays and brown), or durable khaki cotton.
    They are also now slinging a sweet selection of leather belts and cufflinks forged of steel and colorful glass enamel, just like that lucky eight ball you use to make every economic, social, and emotional decision in your life. Because it knows.

    Sked your appointment at; promo code "THRILLIST20" gets you 20 bucks off your first purchase from Mon Nov. 2 through Dec 31.

    J. Hilburn Custom Trousers