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Comebacks: Tajine Reemerges in Suprising Locale



    Comebacks: Tajine Reemerges in Suprising Locale
    Tajine's new opening should make plenty of people happy.


    Van Ness/Russian Hill: Many tears were shed when Tajine shuttered back in December, but the Tenderloin favorite will return this week in a (very) new setting.

    In fact, Tajine has come a long way from its original Jones Street shoebox: 2080 Van Ness, aka home of the Heights, aka one of the city's more notorious revolving doors for restaurants (for those keeping score, the count is now well into double-digits).

    Starting Thursday, Tajine will share the space with the Heights, serving dinner six nights a week, with a similar menu as its old locations. On Fridays and Saturdays—the only days the Heights operates—the venue will morph into a nightclub after dinner service. Tajine has a loyal following, and Nick's Crispy Tacos/Rouge has proven that a such a combo can succeed in the neighborhood, but only time will if the curse of 2080 Van Ness can be broken.

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