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Waffle Mania to Hit Golden Gate Park



    Waffle Mania to Hit Golden Gate Park

    A tipster writes in with good news/bad news from the Market Street Waffle Mania kiosk. You'll recall some prior issues with pre-made waffles. Well now here's the latest:

    The Bad: "It sounds like pretty slow waffle sales there (not really an inviting place to stop)."

    The Good: "They have been approved for Golden Gate Park! It will be a bit until they have the hardware available to set up there, but the word is maybe 5 days a week! I'd rather stop in GGP for a waffle on my way to work (by bike) than that sketchy stretch of Market."

    After further investigations, it appears Waffle Mania will be using a truck for Park sales and may try to contract with another vendor to get started before the new truck is ready. According to the waffle-slinger on duty, the truck will be "near the museums."

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    Wafflin' on Market Street. [Photo: Eater SF Flickr Pool/wickedfreshie]