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Bank of Obama Open for Business

Cut a check for that special someone ... or yourself



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    Hey, now the Music Snob can buy that new Hanna Montana single he's been digging.

    WASHINGTON  -- Is the recession getting you down? Know someone who could use a bailout, like, right now?

    Well the Bank of Obama is open for business!

    During these tough economic times, it seems like everyone could use a few extra billion dollars to make ends meet. That's where the Bank of Obama* comes in handy.

    The Bank of Obama Web site takes the nationalization of the banking industry to the extreme. Just fill out the blank check on the homepage and e-mail it to someone for free! Happy days are here again!

    If e-mail's not your style, you could send a paper check for $2.

    Of course, it might not be prudent to send a fake paper check for $2 because, well, it's a fake paper check and you'd just be out of $2.  Hey, that money could be used as a down payment on a foreclosed home.

    If you do fork over the $2, well, some might say this is why we're in this dire economic situation to begin with.  But that's a whole other story.

    * Probably not FDIC insured.